King of the Ring 2002: #RicFlairsBoner

April 6, 2014
Join Hawk and Asher as they go back to June 2002 for the King of the Ring event featuring a preview of Wrestlemania XXX, new gimmick ideas, and a serious discussion of Ric Flair's gentials. 

Judgment Day 2002: Mic Stand Heel Turn

March 28, 2014
Hawk and Asher finally hit the Ruthless Aggression Era officially with Judgment Day 2002, featuring poorly cut suits, the end of Tim White's career, and an explanation of how coleslaw is made.


Insurrextion 2002 (We Watched a Pay Per View?)

March 25, 2014

Hawk and Asher take their first review trip across the pond for the last ever WWF branded show, Insurrextion 2002 featuring terrible reffing, the Hardcore title reigns of Booker T, and a discussion of Hawk's trophy collection.